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Mobile bug reporting and in-app user feedback

UserDesk helps mobile teams communicate with their users, gather real-time feedback and track issues.

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The best way to offer support for your mobile users

Ever feel like offering support for your mobile users or responding to bug reports is tedious? I do to, that's why I built UserDesk

Easy to integrate

UseDesk makes it easy for mobile teams to integrate the solution with their existing projects. Start talking to your users, gather user feeedback or bug reports and only focus on what's most important: building a great app!

  • Real time communication

    Answer your mobile users questions in real time whitout them leaving your mobile application.

  • Mobile bug reporting

    Let your users send issues and bug reports straigth from your mobile app and keep track of them.

  • User feedback

    UserDesk helps you stop guessing what you should build by listening to what your users want.

UserDesk for iOS

Make your team more efficient

UserDesk lets you and your team keep track of all the conversations you have with your users in one single place.

  • Mobile notifications

    Reply back to your users instantly with push notifications instead of the usual back and forth via email.

  • Team collaboration

    UserDesk makes it easy for you and your team to collaborate on issues, bug reports and conversations.

UserDesk for iOS

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